The Belgian Travel Associations are working on the first Belgian Travel Summit (#BelgianTravelSummit) to be held from May 28th until June 2nd included. They have been approached by the Ras Al Kaimah Tourism Office (RAK TDA) and Emirates Airlines to organize this event.

The objective

  • Create a white paper on the “Vision – Mission – Strategy – Action Plan on short, middle and long term” for the Belgian TOURISM SECTOR.
  • The need is there that the different tourism associations in Be work together in the future.

Short term objectives of the 1stBelgian Travel Summit:

  • Reaching the top 80 of decision makers and/or visionary people of the Belgium/European Travel industry.
  • Create an actionable working document “white paper” for a short- and long-term vision (3-5-15 years) on the evolution of the Belgian Travel Market.
  • Find the most important challenges and the way to cope with them to create sustainable business.
  • Reenforce the networking and lines between participants.

Middle term objectives

  • Share a common vision for the Be travel Market through the different Belgian associations.
  • Share this vision with the regional/local markets.
  • Communicate through the Belgian Press for B2B and B2C goals.
  • Maintain a working group through periodic one day meetings in future years.

Themes for the 1stEdition:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Business Development
  • People/education

What do we offer?

  • Inspiring Speakers
  • Motivated participants
  • Creative workshop and brainstorming
  • Unique and challenging team building activities

An inspiring moderator willing to follow the project on the middle/long term